2023 Sessions

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The Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, Colorado


Day 1 Sessions

9:35 am: Growing Foot Traffic: Leveraging Reminders & Internet Marketing to Attract Clients

Win Lippincott
Ackerman Group

10:40 am: How to Unleash Your Profit Potential Through Pricing Strategies & Revenue Growth

Steve Castillo
Profit Solver

11:30 am: Diagnostics: More Clinical Insight, More Efficiency, More Margin

Graham Bilbrough

3:10 pm: Modernizing Your Practice’s Facility, No Matter Where You Are

Dan Feinberg
Terra Vet Real Estate

3:40 pm: Understanding & Maximizing the Value of Your Veterinary Property

Dan Eisenstadt & Peter Kilkelly
Terra Vet Real Estate

4:30 pm: Managing the Details of Your Practice, Made Easy

Rich Lester
Ackerman Group

Day 2 Sessions

8:40 am: Recruiting: Best Practices in Today’s Competitive Landscape

Win Lippincott
Ackerman Group

10:45 am: An Insider’s Look Into the Veterinary Practice Sales Market

Matthew Salois

11:35 am: The Sale Process: Start to Finish

Roger Redman
Ackerman Group

1:00 pm: Which Deal Structure Is Right For You?

Gary Ackerman
Ackerman Group

2:00 pm: Key Strategies to Hire & Retain Your Associate DVMs

Rich Lester
Ackerman Group

3:45 pm: The Financial & Estate Planning Playbook: What Should You Be Doing?

Brent Morse
Morse Capital Partners