Our Agenda

At Insightful.vet 2024, attendees can expect to dive into the most critical aspects of veterinary practice ownership. The comprehensive agenda and schedule will be unveiled in March 2024. Stay tuned for updates and don’t miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and grow as a leader!

Find Your Stride: Growing Your Practice & Boosting Culture

Day 1 Highlights

Building a Culture of Success

Join a panel of successful independent practice owners as they share their insights on creating a thriving work environment. Learn how to foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and growth within your practice.

Nurturing Culture through Staff Engagement & Clear Communication

Discover effective strategies for building a strong practice culture through regular staff and doctor meetings, comprehensive training programs, and clear, consistent communication.

Retaining Clients through an Excellent Reminder Process

Learn how to implement a top-notch reminder process to keep your clients engaged and coming back. Explore strategies for personalized and timely reminders that boost client retention.

Easy Strategies for Better Pricing

Gain insights into pricing strategies that optimize your practice revenue and profitability. Discover easy-to-implement techniques for pricing your products and services competitively while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

Client Communication
Relationship Building with Pet Parents

Master the art of nurturing strong client relationships that bring loyalty and long-term engagement. Learn how to communicate effectively with your clients, address their concerns, and build trust.

Better Ads to Drive More Doctor and Staff Candidates

Uncover the secrets to crafting effective job postings that attract top-tier Associate and staff candidates. Learn how to tailor your ads to the right audience and highlight your practice’s strengths.

Cost Management
Tracking the Metrics that Matter & Managing Your Costs

Learn how to identify and track key cost metrics that impact your practice’s financial performance. Discover effective strategies for managing your costs and maximizing profitability.

Practice Facility
Upgrading & Improving Your Building While in Operations

Explore practical strategies for upgrading and improving your practice’s physical space without disrupting day-to-day operations. Learn how to create a modern, welcoming environment that enhances the client experience.

Transitioning Away from Practice Ownership: What Happens Next?

Day 2 Highlights

Economic Environment
Current Economic Environment and Its Impact on Veterinary Valuations

Gain insights into the current economic landscape and its implications for veterinary practice valuations. Understand how economic factors influence practice values and make informed decisions about your transition plans.

Veterinary Practice Valuation 101

Demystify the process of veterinary practice valuations. Learn the factors that determine your clinic’s value and the different valuation methods used. Equip yourself with the knowledge to accurately assess the worth of your practice and set realistic expectations if you were to sell.

Deal Structure
Deal Structures in a High Interest Rate Environment

Explore various deal structures that are prevalent among today’s high interest rates. Understand the nuances of each structure, what structure may be best for you, and how they can impact the financial outcomes of your practice sale.

Unveiling Buyer Expectations

Join a panel of Chief Development Officers from leading consolidators as they reveal their criteria for potential acquisitions. Gain valuable insights into their investment priorities and learn how to position your practice for success in the consolidation market.

The Deal Process
The Deal Process: A Comprehensive Overview

Embark on a journey through the entire deal process, from initial discussions to final closing. Understand the key steps involved, the roles of different parties, and the considerations at each stage.

Navigating Pitfalls & Opportunities with Veterinary Advisors

Benefit from the expertise of experienced lawyers and accountants as they delve into the legal and financial aspects of practice sales. Identify potential pitfalls and uncover opportunities to maximize your financial gain.

Financial Planning
Preparing for Financial Planning: Post-Sale Strategies

Explore strategies for managing the proceeds from your practice sale. Learn about investment options, tax implications, and estate planning considerations to ensure long-term financial security.